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What is a Scheduled Job

A Scheduled Job is a piece of code that runs on a regular basis. It can be one of the OpenCms jobs that's in the java class drop-down list, or you can create your own Scheduled Job in java (this requires a java developer), and type the class name in.

Included Scheduled Jobs

OpenCms 6.2.3 comes with the following jobs that can be selected from the drop down list:

  • CmsPublishJob - will automatically publish the selected project at the given time
  • CmsStaticExportJob - automatically exports the specified resources to the exports folder
  • CmsPointerLinkValidator - Validates all the "Pointer" type links - that is the structured type External Links, I think. I'm not sure where this reports to
  • CmsMemoryMonitor - writes information about the server's memory status to the logfile.
  • CmsSearchManager - re-indexes the specified search index
  • CmsContentNotificationJob - notifies any parties set as "responsible" in the Permissions dialog that their content has expired or has been unchanged for a long time
  • CmsCreateImageSizeJob - creates image size information for all resources of the type "Image"
  • CmsImageCacheCleanupJob - clears out the image loader cache

Reuse instance

Specifies whether the Java class will be created every time the job is called, or one instance will be created and reused every time the job is called.


Specifies whether or not the job will run. If unchecked, the job info will be saved, but the job will not run.

Cron expression

Scheduled jobs are run based off a cron expression. Cron is the name of a task scheduler for unix/Linux systems - OpenCms jobs use the same syntax.

Sample Cron Expressions

  • Every 5 minutes - 0 0/5 * * * ?
  • Every night at midnight - 0 0 0 * *  ?
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