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Download ManifestBuilderTask from :

This Ant task creates a manifest file used to build an OpenCMS module. The main objective is to facilitate team cooperation by integrating module generation into the day to day development environment. To use this task, copy the jar file to your Ant classpath, and add in your build file the following declaration:

<taskdef name="manifest" classname="com.eurelis.opencms.ant.task.ManifestBuilderTask"/>

The file etc/sample/build.xml show how to use this task in script that build a module from files stored in etc/sample/modules_src. The main steps are:

  1. Class compilation and jar generation
  2. Setup of the module directory structure from the sources
  3. Manifest file generation
  4. ZIP file creation
  5. Module deployment with CmsShell

To do:

  • ACL management
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