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Alexander Kandzior, Alkacon member/founder wrote on the OpenCms Developers List (

The default regex based validation for XML contents can be replaced by a custom validation since OpenCms 6.0. In order to do that, you need to specify your own XML content handler class in the XSD like this:

       <handler class="my.own.XmlContentHandlerImplementationClassNameGoesHere" />
       ... Other nodes as required ...

A handler needs to implement the org.opencms.xml.content.I_CmsXmlContentHandler interface.

In case you need only special validation, it's a good idea to extend the default content handler and override only the required method, like this:

 public class XmlContentHandlerImplementationClassNameGoesHere extends org.opencms.xml.content.CmsDefaultXmlContentHandler {
    public XmlContentHandlerImplementationClassNameGoesHere() {
    public CmsXmlContentErrorHandler resolveValidation(
        CmsObject cms,
        I_CmsXmlContentValue value,
        CmsXmlContentErrorHandler errorHandler) {
        if (errorHandler == null) {
            // init a new error handler if required
            errorHandler = new CmsXmlContentErrorHandler();
        if (value.getName().equals("NameOfTheXmlNodeIAmInterestedIn")) {
            if ("BadValue".equals(value.getStringValue(cms))) {
                errorHandler.addError(value, "The interesting node has a bad value!");
        } else {
            errorHandler = super.resolveValidation(cms, value, errorHandler);
        // return the result
        return errorHandler;
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