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Most people use CmsJspNavBuilder to create navigation menus on the fly.


Breadcrumbs are a trail of links that indicate where you are in the hierarchy. They look like: Home >> About >> Staff

So you would know you were in the about section, looking at staff pictures.

You can create them using the CmsJspNavBuilder. Here is an example:

CmsJspActionElement element = new CmsJspActionElement(pageContext, request, response);
List breadcrumbParts = element.getNavigation().getNavigationBreadCrumb();
String path = "";
for(Iterator i = breadcrumbParts.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
        CmsJspNavElement el = (CmsJspNavElement);
        path += el.getFileName();
        if(el.isInNavigation()) out.print("<a href=\"" + path + "\">" + el.getNavText() +"</a> > ");

Navigation in current folder

To get a list of the items that are available in the current folder, you use the getNavigationForFolder method:

<%@ page import="java.util.*, org.opencms.jsp.*" %>
CmsJspActionElement cms = new CmsJspActionElement(pageContext, request, response);
List list = cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForFolder();
for (Iterator i = list.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
    org.opencms.jsp.CmsJspNavElement ne = (org.opencms.jsp.CmsJspNavElement);
    out.println("<li><a href=\"" + + "\">");
    out.println(ne.getNavText() + "</a></li>");

Module Simple Navigation

A module which contains some JSP tags to create navigations. It was developed 5 years ago but still works. The documenation is there in docbook. [1]

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