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[WebTranslations] provide their own module for the OpenCMS application. The module could be used to send pages for translation directly from the administration page of the application and then, once they are translated, provides the means for receiving the documents from the Click4Translation portal.



The module provides a separate page in the administration view where the virtual file system of the application can be browsed and files could be selected for translation. Files are given custom attributes to indicate:

  • files that are translations (so they wont serve as a source for translations)
  • files whose translations are sent (to avoid sending them for translation again)
  • files whose translations are received
  • files whose translations were received, but then they were updated (to indicate they might need a new translation)

Translations could either be received as separate files (under a different folder associated with the specific language) or as an XML translation extract (in case the source file contained more than one translation in it's control code). In the second case the newly received translation is inserted in the control code of the source page.


The module uses Axis based web services to send and receive the documents. It bundles all required libraries and deploys them upon installation, no additional software is required.

Security of the return service (receiving the translations from the C4T web portal) is handled internally for the module. Each translation is sent with a set of project reference / project password pair that is unique in order to fully protect the module's web service endpoint.


The module installation takes care of all aspects of the installation. The user of the application needs to only set up the module (input user login for the C4T web site etc.) and make a small modification in the web.xml file (in order to enable the return service). All actions are described in the documentation of the module.


In order to obtain the module please contact the WebTranslations team at sales[at]web-translations.com

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