Using ResourceBundles (without having to restart container)

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taken from the newsgroup:

It's a pain to work with i18n'ed jsp pages, and restart the container every time I want to see if the keys are working ok.

Actually there is a feature since OpenCms 6.2 for this:

All OpenCms module based message bundles are flushed if you clear the cache, which can be triggered by "Administration View > Workplace Tools > Re-Initialize the Workplace".

You can also use this caching behaviour in your Java code like this:

org.opencms.i18n.CmsResourceBundleLoader.getBundle(baseName, locale);

which is the same as

java.util.resourceBundle.getBundle(baseName, locale);

only that we do have the flushable bundle cache.

You should put the property-files into your module's classes folder in opencms.
COMMENT: This didn't work for me, but it works putting it in "/tomcat/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/classes".


 <%@page import="org.opencms.jsp.*, org.opencms.file.*, org.opencms.flex.*, java.util.*" %>
 <%@ taglib prefix="cmstag" uri="" %>
 org.opencms.i18n.CmsResourceBundleLoader.flushBundleCache(); // this is probably just good for testing
 java.util.ResourceBundle messages = org.opencms.i18n.CmsResourceBundleLoader.getBundle("your_bundle_here", new 
 <%= messages.getString("test.label1") %>
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