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                                             Enjoy Summer Holidays With Summer Overnight Camp 

There are thousands of choices available on internet for people who want to send their children to a summer overnight camp. However, searching for a good sleep away camp is not the same as looking for a bag or a perfume on the net. One needs to take into account the safety and happiness of the child, besides giving due consideration to the budget as well as the specific needs of a child. Whether you are seeking a multi-week or one-week day camp or an overnight camp, you can find the best option available by seeking the guidance of a trustworthy online guide. They ensure to make your child’s overnight camp experience not only enjoyable and memorable but also suitable for making new friends.

A genuine online guide provides the details of the various camp programs for teen camps and kids camps, so that you can choose the one that is best suited for your child. Teenagers can choose from among several academic camps and enrichment programs including programming, art, pottery, film-making etc. However, you need to be aware of some basic facts about camp life and organization, before you send off your kid to an overnight summer camp.

Generally a child is required to be aged above 10 years and in some cases above 12 years for admission into an overnight camp. This rule is not relaxed in any case. All overnight camps generally provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to the participants.

As far as teen co-ed summer overnight camps are concerned, only kids of the same gender are made to share rooms and boys and girls are placed either separate floors or on opposite wings of the dormitory. Separate rooms are provided in the teen dormitory for reliable and trained camp staff. If you are not happy about the arrangements, you can contact the camp’s client service, to request for special rooming arrangements for your child.

Send your kids to summer overnight camp to enable them to have a fun-filled and learning experience. You can recognize your child’s interest with the help of The Camp Professor and accordingly select a camp or teen program most suitable for you kid from amongst their large network of summer camps, facilities, and programs.   To know more about summer overnight camp and variety of services and facilities they offer to make summers special for your child, log on to 

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