Installing OpenCMS to an existing database

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Installing to an existing database

The OpenCms setup does not have a feature to use an existing database.


1. Create a database on your server with e.g. "opencms" as name and a user (common for webhosting services).

2. Try to access your database and insert/run the codes of the file located in the uzipped WAR under:


You can insert the code of the file into a command line using phpMyAdmin or create a scriptlet that does it for you.

3. Now run the setup.

4. On step where you have to setup user accounts, fill in both users with the user created in step #1.

5. Check the "Don't create database and tables" button and click "continue" button

6. Continue with the setup

--Sidesonic 07:40, 9 February 2008 (CET)

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