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Permit certain resource types from being created by normal users

It is possible to hide certain resourcetypes from the dialog that allows creation of new files. This is done in the explorer type configuration in the corresponding <module> node in opencms-modules.xml (or opencms-workplace.xml for the standard resource types). By taking away the create permission (c). Note that it is not sufficient to take away that permission from the role WORKPLACE_USER. Also the Group Users must not have that right:

 <explorertype name="layoutpage" key="fileicon.layoutpage" icon="layoutpage.gif" reference="xmlcontent">
   <newresource uri="newresource_xmlcontent.jsp?newresourcetype=layoutpage" order="19" autosetnavigation="false" autosettitle="false" info="desc.layoutpage"/>
    <accessentry principal="ROLE.WORKPLACE_USER" permissions="+r+v+w-c"/>
    <accessentry principal="GROUP.Users" permissions="+r+v+w-c"/>

Related topics

You can also group resource types in subsections the "new"-dialogue.

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