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This document explains the configuration of sitemap properties in OpenCms since version 8.0.1. This configuration mechanism replaces the configuration mechanism from OpenCms version 8.0.0. It is not backwards compatible.

Default module settings

In case a module adds a new resource type (as defined in the module's manifest) to OpenCms, this is made available to ADE via the module configuration in the module's .config file. The .config file's parameters are passed to the OpenCms core system and define:

  • the name of the new resource type
  • where contents based on the new resource type will be stored by default
  • name pattern that defines how instances of the new resource type are to be named and numbered automatically.

After installation of a module the new resource type thus is available in all sites in the ADE "Add Wizard".

Resource type sitemap_config

The default settings of the module's new resource type can be overwritten globally for the entire site and/or - where adaption is needed – for sub-sitemaps. Global settings for the entire sitemap are to be made in the central .content folder in the .config file of the resource type sitemap_config. Settings for sub-sitemaps follow the same mechanism with .content folder / .config file based in the sub-sitemap.

Resource type module_config

In modules the sitemap configuration is usually done in the .config file, based in the /system/modules/[modulename] folder. You can use a different configuration file for the module by setting the config.sitemap module parameter to the root path of the configuration file. For a module the .config file has to be of the resource type "module configuration" (module_config). A module configuration is a subset of a sitemap configuration with only 2 tabs out of 4 with the same settings as in the sitemap_config resource type.

Overwrite with new settings

The central place where the global settings for resource types available through the ADE's "Add Wizard" is the ".content" folder in the default site.

Tab "Resource Types"

  • Local Contents (checkbox) (coming with 8.0.2): Resource types are available as defined in modules and / or in the parent site's sitemap configuration. If checked, contents will be created and stored directly in the (sub-)sitemap the .config file is for.
  • Disable all (coming with 8.0.2): Disables all resource types known to OpenCms, which means they are prevented from being selectable by the content editor via the ADE's "Add wizard". In case only selected resource type should be made available to a sub-sitemap's responsible content editor, choose this option to prevent access to not needed resource types and add a positive list via adding the needed types.
  • Resource type:
    • Type name: Select box with all direct editable resource types known to OpenCms core system.
    • Disabled: Disable this resource type in this (sub-)sitemap. If selected, this single resource type does not show up in ADE "Add Wizard".
    • Folder:
      • Name: Choose a folder's name (will be created automatically if non-existing) based under the (sub-)sitemap's .content folder
      • Path (alternatively): a path where instances of the resource types shall be stored.
    • Name Pattern: choose a combination of letters and a macro for successive numbers (e.g. xy_%(number).html)
    • Formatter: Overwrites the list of formatters from the xsd used to render the given resource type.

Tab "Page Models"

Page: Defines models to be used by the Sitemap Editor for generating new container pages.

  • Disable: same functionality as described under "Resouce Type"
  • Disable all: same functionality as described under "Resouce Type"
  • Use as default: (tbd)

Tab "Property Configuration"

Defines which properties get displayed under "Basic Properties" tab for the Property dialog in ADE.

  • PropertyName: Name of the property to be set.
  • Disabled: disabled in this (sub-)sitemap
  • DisplayedName: The displayed name
  • Description: a brief description what this property is used for.
  • Widget: options string / select
  • Default: not used (tbd)
  • WidgetConfig: pipe-separated list of [value]:[displayed value]
  • RuleRegex: Regular Expression used for validation.
  • RuleType: not used (tbd)
  • Error: Error message if validation fails
  • PreferFolder (check box): If selected, newly set properties will be set on the folder (instead of index.html). Only applicable to "Navigation Mode" in Sitemap Editor.

Tab "Detail Pages"

You usually do not need to edit the Detail Pages, because Detail Pages normally get edited in the Sitemap Editor.

Inheritance of sitemap properties (OpenCms 8.0.2)

Diagramm sitemap properties inheritance.gif

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